Things Fall Apart

Things fall apart

Wow!.it’s true one don’t believe tins until you actualy see them,well i allso don’t believe tins that easily too,i was walking down my street at a fast pace getting late for an appointment(na not what you thinking) when suddenly a book cover caught my attention,well few might have heard of this magnificient work of art.
I never believed this book could be so captivating,even after hearing about it from friends and family, i have never read it until now,can you imagine(a book freeq like me)just reading a well known book.
First let me tell you few things about the book before i tell you the name of the talented book writer.
The book is about a great wrestler(warrior),in fact he is the greatest in the whole of West Africa,he moves like a bush-fire in the harmattan,But he accidentally kills a clansman and things begin to fall apart for him.
Okonkwo was then exiled fron his village,so what happened to him when he got back from exile and what did he meet.
Don’t say because it’s by an African you won’t read the book{just kidding}.


Things Fall Apart


Chinua Achebe

About Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe was born in Nigeria in”1930″.He was raised in the large village of Ogidi,one of the first centres of Anglican missionary work in Eastern Nigeria,and is a graduate of University College,Ibadan.
His early carrer in radio ended abruptly in 1966,when he left hist post as Director of External Brodcasting in Nigeria during the national upheaval that lead to the Biafran War.
Achebe has over twenty books-novels,short stories,essays and collections of poetry to his name.
Achebe has received numerous honours from around the world,including the Honourary Fellowship of the American Academy of Arts and Letters,Nigeria’s National Merit Award in 2007,the Man Booker International Price for Fiction.
He passed on,on March 21,2013.He will allways be remembered as one of the best in novel writing.

Other Books Writing By
Great Aurthur=

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  5. If you ask me i will say dis are very interesting books if you have heard of them before or read them you can agree with me that they are a long life collection.
    In our next edition of


    we will discuss about another great African writer,and maybe in other editions we will talk of other foreign Arthur’s….leave your comments….