Romeo and Juliet

This is one of the great classics you don’t want to be told about.
From what have heard all romantic movies and books has an happy ending but this book has non,or maybe an afterlife happy ending.
Well since most people believ in true love or love at first sight, i will say this book has captured the heart of many young lovers out there.
Think about this you are walking down your street and you noticed two young lovers having a great time together what will be your first tought?,yeah you got it Romeo and Juliet.

About the book

The story is about a fierce rivary between two italian noble families{the Capulets and the Montagues} and the love that traspired between there children{Romeo and Juliet}.
Romeo and Juliet first met in a feast hosted by the Capulets{Juliet’s family}.Which Romeo and his uncle Benvolio disguised to.
By the time they found out their real identities it was too late because they were allready in love,so they had a secret marriage to prove their love.
Romeo killed juliet’s brother out of anger on the death of his friend and was banished from verona.
Juliet was found unconscious and presumed dead,on hearing this, Romeo hurries back to Verona where he killed himself in the tomb where Juliets presumed dead body lies,when Juliet woke up and saw him dead she did the same.
Hmm,what a love story,well it is true that love blinds the mind,but me ooo i can’t kill myself because of a girl,can you?

Authors Name=

William Shakespeare

About the Author=

He was an English poet,playwriter and actor,he was widely regarded as the greatest writer in English laguage and the world,he began a successful career between 1585 and 1592,in London as an actor,writer and part owner of a play company called the “Lord Chamberlains Men” later known as th “Kings Men”.
His early plays were mainly comedies and histories,he the wrote mainly “tragedies” until about 1608.
He also wrote tragicomedies {a.k.a ROMANCES},his history was not very known but research has put down some facts.

link to his History


  • Othello
  • Hamlet
  • Macbeth

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