The Steve Jobs Way

In this book Jay Elliot went dip in writing about the Leadership skills of Steve.
The book was tagged “iLeadership for a new Generation”,this book spoke about how Steve was allways eager to make new communicating gadgets and how he took huge risks.
Steve had allways been a man of vision that took blind risk,he once said @Stanford University,2009 that:
“You have to trust in something your gut,destiny,life,karma,whatever.
This approach has never let me down,and it has made all the diffrence in my life”.
This book brought to life how Steve Jobs had over looked criticism, how he made it to the top.
This book also talks about his bad challenging times.
“So why join the Navy, when you can be a Pirate?”
Get out there and grab this book:i don’t know what you can get from this book,maybe INSPIRATION,who knows.
And try out this other one maybe just maybe you might like it.

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