Larondo And The Arodan (by Ozimede sunny ekhalume)

Do you have a troublesome sibling?,if yes you are both lucky and unlucky.Lucky in the sense that i have the right device for you and Unlucky in the sense that you are still been troubled by you sibling.(just joking,so please laugh)
Ok back to the matter lets talk about what happened in Larondo And The Arodan,since it’s a shortstory i won’t write more than two lines.
“This is a story that takes us through a day in the lif of a child in West Africa.Larondo is eight years old and loves to play outside,but sometimes gets in the way of his mother like most kid do.
With so much to do,Larondo’s mother asks him to go fetch the ‘arodan’ from one of the neighbors. The story follows Larondo around the village as he goes lookin for the ‘arodan’.”
Wait i thought you said two lines?,sorry i really don’t know how to stick to something,next time i will summaries a whole novel in one sentence.(i sound like a joker right,maybe comedy is not my way)
Oh befor i forget,you can download it as an ebook or it as a softcopy @.


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