Vampire Academy (by Richelle Mead)

Is this a Romantic novel,Fiction,Vampire novel or a Fantasy novel?.
That’s the big question,but to me it belongs to the vampire category.A movie was released this year based on this book,which means most of my readers might have seen the movie and not the book,which ever way this remains one of the best vampire novel,quote me “one of the best”. It is in series,i will give a summary of the series because i know you will never get tired of the novel.

The book is about the life of a female Dhampir(half-Vampire,half-Human) Rosemarie Hathway a 17-year old girl and her friend Vasilisa “Lisa” Dragomir a Moroi (full vampire) and the last of the Dragomir royal family.
Rose and Lisa share an unbreakable bond,which lets them transfer feelings to each other (works one way though).
Rose is training to be a gaurdian at St Vladimir Academy,to protect Lisa and other Moroi (if the need arises),she falls in love with Dimitri a senior gaurdian and her teacher,he was turned into a Strigoi (bad blood sucking vampires,who drinks to kill) after an attack on St Valdimir.
Rose goes after Dimitri to kill him,since she has been trained to kill strigoi’s,what happened on her journey find out in the book.
Since i can’t give a full account i will give dowloading links for pdf and jar (just the site link).

Complete Series Of Vampire Academy=>

  1. #1 Vampire Academy
  2. #2 Frosbite
  3. #3 Shadow Kiss
  4. #4 Blood Promise
  5. #5 Spirit Bound
  6. #6 Last Sacrifice

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