The Three Musketeers

No matter how old a book is,as long as it is captivating it will allways get the recognition it deserves.

About The Book=
This book is mostly about the adventures of D’Artagnan. d’Artagnan a poor young nobleman,leaves his family in Gascony and travels to Paris with the intention of joining the “Musketeers Of The Guard”. However at an ini Meung-sur-loire,d’Artagnan was beating unconscious and has his letter of introduction to Mensieur de Treville (the commander of the Musketeers) stolen.
In paris the meeting between d’Artagnan and Tréville at the headquarters of the Musketeers was overshadowed by the loss of his letter.
de Tréville writes a letter to his brother-in-law (the head of the kings guards) to recruit d’Artagnan.
He became one of the kings guards after an incident were he injured one of the kings guards and a renound fighter Jussac.
He falls in love at first sight with his landlord’s pretty young wife,Constance Bonacieux,who works for the Queen consort of France.
The adventure started when cardinal Richelieu,tries to start a war between France and England.
If i let the cat out of the bag early,then what use was the bag, go get yourself the book.

Author’s Name=
Alexandre Dumas.

About The Author

He began his writing carrer by writing articles for magazines and plays for theatres,after the revolution in 1830 that ousted Charles X and replaced him with the Duke of Orleans,Dumas switched a to writing novels,in 1843 he wrote a short novel which was a response to a man who insulted him about his African ancestry,has become famous.
He said:
“My father was a mulatto,my grandfather was a negro,and my greatgrandfather a monkey.You see,sir,my family starts where yours ends”.
In 1846 he built a country house outside paris, Chateau de Mont-Cristo,but latter sold it because of financial problem.
After his death, some of his work were found by scholars, like: Reginald Hamel and Claude Schopp.
Books like “The Gold Thieves”.

Books that came as a continuety to “The Three Musketeers” are:

  1. Twenty Years After
  2. The Vicomte Of Bragelonne

How do you see this summary?


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