Nature Of Desire (by Joey W.Hill)

Am not much of a romantic guy,but for the first time i pushed myself to the end of a romantic novel (erotic).
These series has a magnetic force that draws a reader to it,after reading the first series.
The one i love best of all the series is: “Natural Law”,oh! My i was so into the book i had to skip the erotic parts, (because of a personal reasons) and go for the more undercover police part,cause i love action and a little adventure.
But don’t do the mistake of not starting from the first series,you might blame yourself for skipping it.
If this book were writing by another author i could have guaranteed that you will skip the series in the middle,but with Joey you will always have that “arousal”,a killer feeling,wishing you were the one in the novel.
I wish i could just give the full summary of the whole series,an not good at summary and don’t want to leave the important parts out,like you know….

Full List Of “Nature Of Desire” Series

  1. Holding the cards
  2. Natural Law
  3. Ice Queen
  4. Mirror of My Soul
  5. Mistress of Redemption
  6. Rough Canvas
  7. Branded Sanctuary
  8. Divine Solace

Have you read any of the series?, How was it?.


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