Powder Necklace (by:Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond)

When i first read this book,i felt like i was in another world,because i was in some kind of debate,if an African woman can leave her child,to go study abroad or stay with a relative outside the country?,if that’s possible an not sure.
But in the case of Lila,she was sent back to her own country,to study and for what other purpose?.


To be protected from the bad influence of London,her mother sent her to school in rural Ghana.For the mother it was a great idea,but for the daughter it was hell,cause she had to go through the reality of being a new girl,a foreigner among her own people.
After a complicated six years in Ghana,her mother finally brings her back to london to meet her new husband and his new daughter,after a short stay she is sent to New York to live with her father,his new wife,and their young children.

Does she not have happy moments?,don’t ask me go ask the book.


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