Half Of A Yellow Sun

Feeling relieved i almost missed my Books Of Life monthly post.I wouldn’t have heard of this book if not for the movie,but what makes this book special?,i really can’t say,is it the adventure,the war or the survival instinct of the main characters:Ugwu,Odenigbo,Olana,Kainene,Richard.

Author’s Name:

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

About The Book:

This book took place during the Nigeria Biafra War.Ugwu a 13-year old boy who lives with Odenigbo as an houseboy.When Odenigbos’ girlfriend moves in with them everything changed for Ugwu,Olana Odenigbos’ girlfriend has a twin sister,Kainene whos lover is Richard an Englishman who came to study art in Nigeria.
Befor the war Odenigbo slept with a village girl,who later had his baby,when Olana heard this she became furious and sleeps with Richard out of anger,but later went back to Odenigbo and took in his daughter whom they called Baby,when her mother refuses her.
During the war,Olanna,Odenigbo,Baby and Ugwu went to live with Kainene and Richard,where Kainene is running a refugee camp the situation became hopeless as they have no food or medicine.
Kainene decides to trade across enemy line,but did not return.

About The Author

Nationalty: Nigerian
D.O.B: 15 sep,1977
City: Enugu
she grew up the fifth of six children in an Igbofamily in the university town of Nsukkain southeastern Nigeria, where the University of Nigeria
is situated. While she was growing up, her father James Nwoye Adichie was a professor of statistics at the university, and her mother Grace Ifeoma was the university’s first female registrar. Her family’s ancestral village is in Abba in
Anambra State.
Adichie studied medicine and pharmacy at the University of Nigeriafor a year and a half. During this period, she editedThe Compass, a magazine run by the university’s Catholic medical students. At the age of 19, Adichie left Nigeria and moved to the United States for college. After studying communications and political science at Drexel Universityin Philadelphia, she transferred to Eastern Connecticut State University
to live closer to her sister, who had a medical practice in
Coventry. She received a bachelor’s degree from Eastern, where she graduated
summa cum laudein 2001.
In 2003, she completed a master’s degree in creative writingat Johns Hopkins University
. In 2008, she received a Master of Arts degree in African studies from Yale University.
Adichie was a Hodder fellow at Princeton Universityduring the 2005–06 academic year. In 2008 she was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. She has also been awarded a 2011–12 fellowship by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University.
Adichie, who is married, divides her time between Nigeria, where she teaches writing workshops, and the United States.
She published a collection of poems in 1997,a play (for love of Biafra) im 1998. In 2003,her story “That Harmattan Morning” was selected as joint winner of the BBC short story awards,and won the O Henry Prize for “The American Embassy”.

She has released three novels:

  • Purple Hibiscus
  • Half Of A Yellow Sun
  • Americanah

Other Awards:

  • Pen Centre Award in 2002/2003
  • Orange Prize For Fiction in 2004
  • Commowealth Writers Prize in 2005
  • Beyond Margins Award in 2007
  • Other Books:

    • The Thing Around Your Neck
    • Ceiling
    • 20 Under 40
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