Spook’s:A New Darkness(Starblade Chronicles, #1) (by Joseph Delaney)

Spook?, yeah same here,this is my first time of reading a book on spook’s. At first i didn’t want to read it, but the adventurous side of me wanted to explore the book and know what a spook means.
I could have just picked my dictionary to check or surf the net, but i didn’t do that, i wanted to knw the meaning in my own words, i knew you would ask but am not sharing what i think (LOL) go get the book.


Tom Ward, the newest spook in town, after the death of his master in battle which killed of his apprentiship, he takes on the responsibility of hunting: boggarts, ghosts, witches ,and other b*st*rd creatures of the dark world. The only problem is, he’s only Seventeen, this made no one trust in his skills, but tom tries to prove himself.
Tom meets Jenny a fifteen-year-old girl who also wants to become a spook and Tom’s first apprentice, even though a female spook is unheard of. But the mysterious death of three people bring them to work together and uncover the grave danger heading straight towards the county, to do this they teamed up with a witch assassin, and the adventure begins.

My Rating:

****4.5 >> 5****

The reason for giving it 4.5 stars,is because the adventure didn’t start has early as i would have wanted it



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