The Last Savanna (by Mike Bond)

The saying curiosity kills the cat applies to me in so many ways. When the book was first released, i wanted to know what the content was (without reading the book), though a friend narrated the story to me, that did not help matters it only made matters worse by increasing my curiosity, making me ask myself action in Africa, is this possible?.
Now have read the book, but did it satisfy my curiosity?, why don’t you find out.


With Africa’s last elephants dying under the poachers’ guns,

a commando squad was lead by Kenya rancher and former SAS officer Ian MacAdam to hunt the poachers’.
He pursued them through jungled mountains and deserts, battling thirst, solitude, terror and lethal animals, only to find out that a young archeologist has been kidnapped by the poachers.
Rebecca Hecht, whom he once loved and bitterly lost. MacAdam embarks on a desperate treck to save not only Rebecca but his own soul in an Africa torn apart by wars, overpopulation and the slaughter of its lost wildlife, will he archive anything on his journey?.
Based on the author’s experiences in pursuing elephant poachers in the wilds of East Africa.

My Rating:


“From the summary you could feel the action, adventure, and thrill. The action, animals, characters were all real, the fact that the challenges faced by Africa is highlighted in the story made it more interesting to follow. Bringing us between nature and greed, men been pushed to devour nature because of their lost love.
The book made me realise adventure could be found in almost everything in life.”


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