The Time Machine (by H.G.Wells)

Today, oct 1 is the day we are celebrating 54years of independence in my country, but when i look back to when i was growing up there has not been a thing to celebrate (i mean big things), so i thought of going back in time to amend somethings in the part, i finally found a book The Time Machine.
The site i saw the book on made it clear to me that if i want to correct anything in my past or see my future, i need to read this book and that i did about a year ago waiting for the right time to make a post on it.

Author’s Name:


About The Book:

The book’s main character is an English scientist and inventor, known as the Time Traveller, at his weekly dinner the Time Traveller revealed to his guests that he has built a machine that can travel through time.
The Time Traveller tests his device with a journey that takes him to A.D 802,701 where he meets the Eloi, a society of small, elegant, childlike adults. They live in small communities doing on work.
He tried his effort to communicate with them, but his effort was hindered by their lack of curiosity, his machine has also gone missing. He discovered the human race has evolved into two species, the ones that live above ground, The Eloi’s come those that live underground who are more like the working class carnivors, The Morlock’s, they feed on the Eloi’s. He discovered that his time machine was kept in hiding by the Marlock’s, in his attempt to get it back he saves an Eloi named Weena from drowning, they developed a good relationship over the course of their distance travel to look for weapons to fight the Morlock’s, he found the remains of a museum where he found a fresh supply of matches.
One night they where attacked, so the Traveller started a fire to distract the Morlock’s and escape but he lost Weena to the fire, the Morlock’s tried to use the Time Machine as a bait but the Traveller used it to escape, going further 30million years from his own time, the he saw some of the last living things degenerate.
Satisfied, he went back to Victorian time, he had just been gone for three hours, he explained his adventure and showed proofs of them. He went on another time travel but never came back.

About The Author:

His first non-fiction book was a bestseller, subtittled “An Experiment In Prophecy”, it was well received, Well wrote dozens of short stories and science fiction novels like:

    • The Island Of Doctor Moreau
      The Invinsible Man
      The War Of The World e.t.c

    Well was regarded as the father of science fiction.

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