Spartans At The Gates (The Warrior Trilogy #2) (by Noble Smith)

300, Troy, Hercules. These are stories rooted to greece, war and betrayal has always been there plot, this book reminded so much of Troy the movie that i needed to read it, but how much of Troy did i get out of it?.
If you feel you know how the plot goes then you are as wrong as i was.

“Don’t judge a book from previous reads”


The Peloponnesian War has begun. An army of merciless spartan army invaders arrived at the gates of plataea, vowed to obliterate the independent city and it’s inhabitants. Athenians, Plataea’s oldest allies are spread too thin in their own campaigns to send help. Cut off and alone, the Plataeans hide behind their high walls preparing for the coming attack, while the Spartans prepare to law siege. A young plataen warrior named Nikias, rode to Athens on a rugged mountain road on an urgent quest. He carries with him a bag of ill gotten gold, hoping to raise an army of mercenaries to help defend his Citadel from the Spartan assualt. But in Athens, Nikias encounters perils that prove to be more dangerous than those he has face on the battle field.

My Rating:


Not like i didn’t get what i wanted, i got it and even had extras. Who would follow an adventnrous novel like this one and not get captivated?, you could follow the book easily even if you are a fan of another genre.”


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