Effects Of Grammatical Errors On Me

Two years ago, i wrote a story (in manuscript).
The Seven Seas, it was my intention then (and now) to publish it to the world, but i knew i had a problem, cause when ever i give the manuscript to a friend or family to read, they tell me the story is nice but, the writing is extremely poor. After i decided to find a solution to my problem i figured it was only a matter of time before i become perfect, but the mark those errors have left on me still hunts me.


1. I am never sure what i write is good.

2. Always writing what others will like, and not what i like.

3. Believing am not a good writer, even if what i write shows i am.

4. Writing based on what others have written.

5. I now have problems interpreting my inspirations.

What i have to do, to stop and control these effects, i don’t know. Have surfed the net, go back to my books, but still am finding it hard.
Someone told me to find solution in other places, and not follow the crowd.


2 thoughts on “Effects Of Grammatical Errors On Me

  1. We all make mistakes and can never be sure our writing is perfect. You are not alone. But in my experience, the best way to sharpen your skill, is to continue writing. You can pay someone you know is ‘grammatically good’ to proof read and edit your book. Again, you can swap to read with another author who writes in your genre. That way, you get great feedback and help that cost you nothing.

    Remember, not all ‘grammatically correct’ books make an interesting read. Believe and work hard. Read, read and read more books. It helps your writing.

    If writing is your passion, never give up. Keep on writing.

    I wish you the very best.


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