Getting The Right Information

Getting the right information

According to Oxford advanced learner dictionary, 7th edition. Information is getting facts or details about somebody/something.
I always thought the hardest part of writing a novel is the plot, maybe am wrong, maybe am right it’s debatable. Have always neglected other things like, the character’s importance, information on where the plot is happening.e.t.c.

The novel am working on has a feel of culture in it, but my not so caring mind tells of not to pay any attention to it. I need information on the attires, way of life and materials, that could have been used in the oldies but mixed with the new world.

Since fantasy is one of the genres in the novel, i thought i can just form things, and not go researching for informations on stuff i need, but without the accurate informations to back my plot, am having problems.


  • Am losing connection with the plot
  • Misinterpretation of my thoughts
  • Little or no understanding about my characters (even if i created them)
  • No visual imagination of the environment
  • Leaving out important words
  • Lose of focus.

Can i just continue without the information i need, or just let it take my time till an worned out?.


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