The Osiris Curse (Tweed and Nightingale Adventures #2) (by Paul Crilley)

The osiris curse

The first time i saw the book online i could not stop screaming DANGER, but i don’t know if it’s from my expectation or from the book cover?. You should have seen me running around in my underware out of excitment when i finally go the book, and like always i got a black eye, yeah the book beat the hell out of me.
So sherlock holmes, watch your back this guys are supernatural and i can bet my internet severe on it they can solve a case faster than the blink of an eye.


Get ready for a large dose of adventure and romantic tension. When Nikola Tesla is murdered and blueprints for his super weapons are stolen, Tweed and Nightingale are drawn into a global cat and mouse chase with his killers.

What’s more, it seems that the people who shot Nikola Tesla are the same people responsible for Octavia’s mother’s diappearance. As the two cases intertwine, Tweed and Nightingale’s investigations lead them to a murdered archeologist and a secret society called The Hernetic Order of Set.

Fleeing the cult’s wrath they go undercover on the luxury airship, The Albion, setting out in her maiden voyage to Tutankhamen’s view, a five star hotel built in the hallowed out and refurbished great pyramid of Giza in Egypt, the duo begin to uravel the terrible truth hehind Tesla’s death, a secret so earth-shattering that if revealed it would mean rewriting the entire history of the world. But if stopped, Britain may lose the future.
What happens next?

My Rating


Now i think am sounding and writing normal, but definately not reading normal, Paul, i think has left a mark on me. Bad or good i can’t tell, i haven’t been able to read new stories since i finished this particular one, always wanting to go back to the beginning and start reading allover again.
Don’t mind my rating, it’s just a way of saying little lacks but not a bad book.


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