Novella or Short story ??.

I don’t know if it’s safe to say this as always been a debate?, been a junior writer, have heard the pros talk about starting with a short story or a poem, just a small piece.

Like every inexperienced writer i believe they are right, why start with a novel when you can make your presence know to the world with a ten chapter story?.

I believe something though, if you have the intention of publicing a short story but you keep making the story long, why don’t you make it a Novella instead?, since from what i understand are Novella, is almost like the short story.

Think about it, you love the idea that keeps coming into your head but your aim is a short story, why not take the risk and publish it half done, or publish it when it’s fully done. You can always back it up with a short story latter.

You can keep the novella for later and publish a short story, i hear someone say. Well yes, but what the pros keep telling the upcoming ones is:
Write what you love, and not what you think others would love.

I dont know if am right about my thinking, but i’d say, go for that novella as your first book.




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