Running With The Demon (Word & Void 1) by Terry Brooks

Believe is one thing i havd problem understanding. Magic is a fantasy am willing to follow, destiny, as difficult as it is to understand, it depends on our actions.
If Nest Freemark, had made a stupid decision, it would be said that: “it’s destiny”, and likewise a good decision. This story goes deeper than what was intended by the writer.


On the hottest fourth of july weekend in decades, two men have come to Hopewell illinois, site of a length bitter steel strike. One is a demon, dark servant of the Void, who will use the anger and frustration of the community to attain a terrible secret goal, the other is John Ross, a knight of the Word, a man who, while he sleeps, lives in the hell the world will become ie he fails to change its course on waking. Ross has been given the ability to see the future.
But does he have the power to change it? At stake is the soul of a fourteen-year-old girl mysteriously linked to both men. And the live of the people of Hopewell. And the fure of the World.

My Rating:


“It would have been better if there were lesser descriptions, it made me skip pages, though it had suspence, the next happening was predictable”


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