White is for witching (by Helen Oyeyemi)

Understanding makes a person, intelligence makes you stand out. This intelligent writer needed the understanding of the readers, which i gave to her in my best possible way.
A strange plot, strange characters, strange cover, for a strange reader.


In a vast, mysterious house on the cliffs near Dover, the silver family is reeling from the hole punched into its heart. Lily is gone and her twins Miranda and Eliot and her husband the gentle Luc, mourn her absence with unspoken intensity. All is not well with the house, either with creaks and grumbles and malignly confuses visitors in its mazy rooms, forcing winter apples in the garden when the branches should be bare. Generations of women inhabit its walls.
And miranda, with her new appetite for chalk and her keen sense for spirits, is more attuned to then than she is to her brother and father. She is leaving them slowly-sliping away from them- And when one dark night came, she vanishes entirely, the survivors are left to tell her story.

My rating:


“Man, i was so,so confused will reading, i had to read a chapter over and over again to understand it.
Yes!, i almost droped the book and picked another one, but the power in her writing make me stay.”


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