The Great Eagle

The sun is up, a new day as come, a new feeling as arrived. The day smells nice, just like everybody elss i woke up this morning thanking God for another day, and still i curse myself for living another second.

I live on a hill, going into the world is not a problem, i have strong and large wings, short but mighty legs, with sharp nails, sharp eye, sharp beak. So why do i curse myself?.

As a hunter, i travel the world for hours searching for food, soaring the sky on an empty stomach, which as made of slow, my preys are easily alerted, my peers are faster and annoying. Is these why i curse myself?.

Patience is a virtue, my set backs have made me extremly patient, as time goes by i hunt down larger preys, from lizards, to rats, to hens, to goats, to sheep, to…… No wonder the little boy down the hill always says he wants to soar like the gReaT EaGLe.


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