Dreams Of A Dead Man

You see me walking down the road, smiling at those pale looking faces. They seem to be smiling back but deep down they are frowning right back, a warning not to intrude.
Suckers, yes thats what they are, they might be big but am bigger and better, I envy them though, when I see them driving around in their FERRARI ohh I love that car.

All my life hqve being running to be q great, but when I learnt the world run no more I leap frogged into CRIME. ” Crime doesnt pay” my mqma will always say, ” Mom, am going to be great”, before she responds I hit her with, ” Don’t you want a crib?, and a car?” she is always dumbfounded when I say those words. ” Take my blessing son” she would say.

My dreams are so large and enormous am scared of achieving them. Three year’s in this game, now am big just like those pale faces but have not even achieved a quarter if my dreams, I can’t even get the cops of my back, those blqck ass jackers keep posting bills of me all over the streets I run, that’s how I got the nick name ” Dead Man”. But when I look at it my dreams are also dead


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