A Place In The Stars (Everything Dies, Even Stars)

All i ever wanted was a place in the stars, my own crib, a wife, children, and a nice job, a place in the stars.

“Everything dies”, the pastor was saying one sunday in church, i was so focused on my mobile phone, i missed his next words, at that moment i was sure they were not important.

One morning i woke up, delighted by the songs of the birds out my window. I was so alive to my environment i suddenly decided to become a scientist, it was as if that was all i wanted in life, but i have always wanted to be a programmer, so i guess things change.

Talking about changes, oh God am so far from where i started day dreaming, am gone, have made countless breakthroughs on creating a ship that will take me to the stars, i have a complete diagram of the interior and exterior designs, all i need are spare parts and ex-parts.

“You child are a genius” the captains words touched a sensitive spot in my ink-heart, his words i heard drives the greatest ship, the Fleet Five, i guess thats what a captain does, his next words hit me hard, what a punchline.
“But you should leave, the making, and flying to pros”.

No way was i going to do that…..i never told him though. I guess he knew me better than i thought, he collected my diary, i could not do much in begging, since he is my uncle, and a disciplinarian. But what he doesn’t know is that we are in the technology age.

After sixteen years of secretly constructing my ship, it is ready to sail in five days, the night before lift up, i went outside to clear my head, when i looked into the sky at my destination, what i saw was so shoking, the whole house revibrate, it took me seconds to figure that was me screaming.

The words of my pastor finally settles on my melted mind.

“Everything dies, Even stars.”

Not stars, please not them, i suddenly became focused, my gaze distant, my stance intimidating. At that moment, i made a promise to myself and the planet, i will bring back the stars to the sky, and secure my place in the STARS.

This is not a series, but it will surely have a sequel. Help me share my work to the world.


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