June 12 {a dying legacy} Naijaelenu

June 12th 1993, the day everyone refers to as the day of pure democracy and rash military action in Nigeria. There I was seated on the right hand and left gand of the then head of states Ibrahim Babangida.

The me on his left hand just wont stop feeding his black heart with black words, the me on the other have me little chance for there was no light in the mans heart.
The fight ended without the man having a second thought, he decided not to give power to the winner of the election.

I went back to heaven feeling I have failed, unable to face the lord I hid from his presence for three days( equivalent to three years ). He finally caught up with me and sent me back to earth to write my wrong.

Once more I came in two, but this time we had a companion, . I watched over him, until he was five, then left him to fulfil my call, after alot of convincing and confusing talks from my two selves, someone finally agrees to declare June 12 of every year as a public holiday a legacy has started.

I went back to heaven the second time, and this time I felt I had done great, I enjoyed a peaceful thirteen years, ad I watch myself grow on earth in great wisdom, but something was different now, the June 12 Legacy was dying, the people have legacy forgotten there past. And now, am back, to heal this dying .


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