He Never Came Back.

Everytime I remember that faithful day tears stream down my face. A day most people will call “ojo buruku, eso gbomi” (a very bad day, the devil drank).
Dad was never hard on us, even as things were hard on him, he always saw the positive side of things. On my eighteenth birthday, he made a promise to me.

“I will celebrate your birthday in grand style, when you are twenty, I promise.”

Another quality of a good man, husband, and father. He never goes back on a promise, so I believed him *sobs* he worked day and night, running two jobs at a time, but still things were bad, so I decided to drop out of school, so my younger ones will have the best of education.

I did, petty works, laboured, became a sales rep, the expenses of the house were just too much, it over shadowed the income.

After a year and a half of suffering, things started to move, it was surprising at first, but as time went by, we felt the hand of God in our lives.

Two months to my twentieth birthday, preparations were moving, those two months were the longest days of my life, I wish right now my mom would have being alive to witness it. The day finally came, all my friends and family gathered to support me, by the looks on their faces, I could tell they were proud of me, and at the same time wishing I had not gone through hardship.

It happened my partner was relocating the next morning, so we excused ourselves to talk, we went for a walk as we talk, he was so understanding, he knew were I stood about sex, and he never pushed, but this very night, he started saying things to turn me on, but as someone who knows her stand I stood my ground, the next thing I knew I was on my back,.almost knocked unconscioused as my head connected with the floor, though I was still conscious, I was too weak to fight him off.

My walk home was half crawling, and half walking, my dad was devastated when he saw me, he kept asking me what had happened, but his was that of someone that needs confirmation to a suspicion, so I put him out of his misery, “Jide, rapped me.”, that was all he needed, and he took off, we waited all through the night he never came back, the next morning we went to look for him, but he was no were to be found, a week later we still could not find him, many people said different things, but all I could phantom was he never came back.

NB: this is pure friction.


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