The new me (the resolution of a mind-less man)

The new me (the resolution of a mind-less man)

There i was kneeling lifelessly and staring at nothing atall, my thinking going different ways i think i lived in this house once, or do i still live there, if not for the flames going up around it, i would have gone in and checked.

There were cries of sorrow, but they were not coming from the house, that is the least of my problems now what had happened to my family is my top concern, didn’t Kemi say i have a family?.

“Mr David”, that stupid voice again, am not David i tried to say, but i was lost somewhere in my mind. “Mr David”, something sticky touched my shoulder but still i felt oblivious to it. “You are taking this situation personal”, Personal? I asked myself, my family might be burning to death for all i know, and that witch is talking about——-.

The flames suddenly went down, the house untouched, not even a scratch, or smoke marks on the building, i turned to the voice beside me “What happened”, it didnt come out the way had expected it, but it carried the emotion it needed. “Mr David, congratulations you are responding to treatment” Kemi would stop smilling as she said those words. “A new resolution awaits you”, she never looked back, leaving me and my tiny thought to figure things out.

But one thought never left my mind, it keep crawling into my mind with different meaning.
-A new me……..


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