The little end: The unending life of a gangster

The most painful parts of been a gangster is there are no ways out of trouble, it’s either you find trouble or it finds you.

I live my life based on what I see around me, you can’t blame me for that can you?, I grew up on the streets (streets ot) of Lagos, am a born hustler.

I thought this life of mine will lead me forward, I guess am mistaken, now I have kids, am scared to look at their faces for fear of seeing myself in them.

My children all grown up now, stand side by side by my hospital bed, one of my eyes completely closed, blood liking from my one hundred and one stab wounds, this is not the life I wanted for them.

I guess I can’t choose a life for my kids, the best I can do is survive my little end and change my ways.


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