Procrastination: The Deadly Game (flash pt.1)

Have heard people say, ‘I want to do this’, ‘i want to do that’, and they end up doing nothing. There is this saying, “learn from the mistakes of others”. I don’t know about you, but I am a little blind to the mistakes of others, I take things far too lightly to worry about future events.

Like the other day when I was threatened by some goons over a chick, a full grown chick (be advised, writer not talking about a chicken!), some of them warned me to watch my back, while others warned me to lock my door tightly at night. You could have thought I would be scared, please don’t make me laugh, I’d rather be scared of cockroaches than those clowns, not one strand of my life got scared, every night I would lay on my bed looking blankly at the bolt behind the door, thinking should I bolt the door or not? I don’t think I ever made it to the door.
Bang! Bang!! Bang!!!, I became confused, in my dream I was at the beach with friends, why then is there a knock on a door?, do beaches also have doors?, I think we both know the answer. I was forced from out of my sweet dreams of bikinis and shorts, what a life!, well the knock was on my door and not the door at the beach, and the sea I thought I was swimming in, is actually my bed soaked in water, those goons i told you about finally came, you don’t what to know what happened next.

I wish I could just tell you what happened next, but… Ok, cool, am also not sure what happened except I woke up at the morgue. Trust my Niger sense, immediately I saw those two faced bastards, boom!! I went for the open door, only I didn’t make it before I was knocked unconscious.
That’s not the reason for this open letter, it was just an instance, seeing as you jumped it, I also feel its not a good example, you procrastinator.

Yes, I called you a procrastinator, I can never forget your face, since you infected me with this deadly disease, you brought my warm blooded self into this deadly game, and made me cold blooded.
Am going to get you for this, only I haven’t stopped Procrastinating.


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