Flash fiction: Insanity, the virus in my head.

There I was on my kneels steering lifelessly at nothing in particular, my thinking going in different directions, except for the image of a burning house imprinted at the back of my head, I think I lived there once?, or do I still live there?. If not for the burning flames around the building, I could have gone rushing in.

There were cries of sorrow around me, didn’t Kemi say I have a family?, if I did why are they not out here with me?, are they inside the burning house?.

“Mr David”, that stupid voice in my head again, I am not Mr David I tried to say, but I was lost somewhere in my mind. “Mr David” something sticky landed on my shoulder, though I felt it, still I was oblivious to it. “You are taking this situation personal”, personal? The word vibrated in my head, my family is probably in the burning house, and whatever it is in my head is talking about taking…..

Then the flames went down, the house was untouched not even a scratch or smoke tainted the building. This time I turned to the voice in my head scared to death, “What happened?” I asked, finally finding my outer voice, I sounded worried and joyful at the same time. “Mr David, congratulations you are responding to treatment”,  Kemi, the voice in my head said and walked away from me and my knotted mind, leaving us to figure things out ourselfs.


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