Procrastination: The Deadly Game (Flash pt.2)

Why do today, what you can do tomorrow or next month and still be on time? I can’t really say have lost faith in the church, I’d say it is just me keeping my faith for the right time, and I can’t seem to convince anybody it ain’t procrastination.

“Dayo, why were you not in church today?” Sade blocked my path as I made my way down the stairs, her eyes were the color of the evening sun, a bloody red. “Babe, there are a lot of sundays to come ” I smiled, I could feel my next sentence building in my head, from the long list of vocabulary I had stored in my head for those Jehovah witness members. “Where as, the bible says go into the world, not into the church” my smile grew larger challenging her to ask me where it was mentioned in the bible.

                         ***                                                Blood they say is thicker than water, if you also believe that saying  you need to change your thinking. I lay on my back in a pool of blood enough to house atlest hundred fishes. Something that sounded like prayer burst from my mouth.                                                               


“Bro Dayo?” Sister Tinuke, one of the sisters assigned to me from ‘The Saints church’ down the road called my attention, I looked at the faces of her two companions wondering if they were also wolves in sheep skin themselves; pretending just because of Sister Tinuke, if only they knew how many times we had both laid together on her numerous house visits to Bro Dayo all alone, the thought made me smile. “Why were you not in church today?”  The same question they have been asking for the past three weeks since I stopped attending The Saints church.                                                            “God hasn’t spoken to me yet” I replied with the same punchline.

“Don’t forget he saved your life!” ‘That’s a new one’ I thought. I guess these sisters did their home work well before entering the den of Bro Dayo, I turned to Sister Anjola who had spoken. “It is because he love’s me” I smiled at her.emphasizing on the word love, had made her flush, so a Wolf she is then, hiding behind a sheep skin.

Now I am all alone, I thought back to the accident that happened two months ago, it should have taken my life, but God did a miracle and here I am. “I trust you man!” I said out loud. “I just don’t have faith in the church nowadays”. ‘Or because there are still a lot of Sun-Days ahead’ my procrastinator mind said. I smilled at myself as I reached for my phone to call Sister Anjola, I paused midway, maybe I should call are tomorrow or the day after.
N.B: This is just fiction, it has nothing to do with religion.


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