Short Story: “Ralia The Sugar Girl” (chapter 4)

N.B: This isn’t the original story, but a product of my imagination.

The silence afterwards was a long and frustrating one. The thoughts that I am the only living person able to find the weapon made it worse.

“You are safe with me” Micheal reassured me. He tried to liven my mood with words. “Your father called me Rosco, he said it reminds him of you”. ” it means…. ”

“My seed” we said in unison, father called me Rosco when I was little, he did so even in his letters, when I was little he wrote me a song, the same day he took me into Oru forest to plant a dandelion seed.

Ever since I became a MAN, I have had my Rosco by my side, my little flower that shines in the sunlight. My Rosco is a Dandelion. My Rosco is a beautiful Dandelion.

I sang it two more times, it helped me take my mind off the troubles at hand. As if possessed, I ran to the stack of letters on the floor, I searched them for something, I don’t know what I am looking for, but I have a feeling I will know when I find it. When I was done I had eight letters separately laid out, I looked up at Micheal who had been bending over me, he looked confuses, he looked more confused when he saw me smiling. I turned to the scattered eight letters and arranged them side by side, I pointed to the top left corner of the first letter where a tiny word was written. It took me months of tightly hugging and rereading to notice them.

“Do?” Micheal read the word on the first letter, he looked at me for assertion that he saw the word right, I responded with a nod. “Do not forget, …..the location of ….the Dandelion” he read through the eight letters.

“What is the matter?” Micheal asked when he saw my mood change. “It has been three years since I last visited the spot” I screamed in anger, “What if I cannot find it exact location, what if the rains  have washed it away, what…..” Micheal put his arms around me and held me to himself tightly, my anger dropped to the depth of my gut. “Go to sleep now, we can worry about that tomorrow” he lifted me from my feet, walked to the bed and placed me gently on it. “Now it is time to sleep”

My eyes closed shut immediately.


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