Short Story: “Ralia The Sugar Girl” (chapter 5)

N.B: This isn’t the original story but a product of my imagination.

We walk side by side in the darkness, neither of us saying a word. “Are you scared?” I said jokingly into the air. Micheal looked at me from the corner off his eyes, he smirked, he said something under his breath. “Are you talking to me?” I demanded.

“No” he said, as he nervously avoided a cob web. I covered my mouth with both hand to stop myself from laughing, it was of no use, I burst out laughing ecstatically. “It is not what you think…” “You are scared of spiders” I interrupted. He was going to say something, but his face said it all. “No way!” I exclaimed, no one could imagine a fiercely looking man like Michael could be scared of anything.

“Have you heard of Sapites?” I shook my head. “Sapites are large spiders with thick webs” he continued. “Webs thick enough to strangle a man” I answered with an ‘hmm’. “No one believed me, not even the police, they claimed to have found traces of cob webs on my fathers jacket” his eyes glowed in the dark, he looked like he was going to cry, but he held back his tears. “My father created the Sapites, it was his life work. He was killed right there in my presences with the same thing he created.”

I was lost for words, I did not know what to say, though I might have lost my father, he wasn’t killed in my presence. I chose to stay silent as a sign of respect.

By the time we made it to the Dandelion flower, the sun was just coming up. I could hear my fathers voice somewhere in the back of my head. ‘This specie of Dandelion flower, is very territorial, a time will come no other plant will grow within root length .”  It sparkled in the morning sun, illuminating the barren soil around it, not even the smallest weed grew around it. “It is beautiful” I said absent mindedly.

“Raliat!” Michael tugged me gently, “What we seek should be beneath the flower.” “We will have to uproot it?” I asked. 

“Yeah, and we have to do it now, there is no time to waste.” I protested, but he was busy digging a hole around the flower. “You can replant it once we are done here” he handed me the uprooted flower, stood up and cleaned his trousers. “Did you get it?” I asked as I placed the flower back were it belonged.

“I am sorry” Micheal stood over me, I looked up from where I was bent over, “This is the only way you can be free” Micheal pointed a gun at my face. I tried to say something but I was cut off by the sound of a gun, I never thought I would see the day death comes knocking.


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