Short Story: “Ralia The Sugar Girl” (final chapter / chapter 6)

N.B: This isn’t the original story, but a product of my imagination.

Pow pow pow, pow pow pow. “Wake up Ralia, wake up!”. I scared Nku as I jolted awake, she looked worried, but there was this light behind her eyes that had me curious. The last time I saw that light, was when Samson, the kings spoilt son, asked her to the Ake festival. “How long was I asleep for” I staggered to my feet.

“I don’t know” she was smiling, I felt embarrassed, I was definitely snoring, again.

“Did anyone come to the river, while I was asleep?” I asked. 

Nobody comes to the river on Fridays. It provided an opportunity for us, to bathe in the river, without the fear of been seen naked, other days we would just wash, this was one of those days. I found a nice place away from the river, to rest my tired body, after I was done washing.

“No…. Yes!” She answered. “But you were not snoring at the time”. We knew each other like the back of our hands, I was not surprised when she knew what I was thinking about, I turned away embarrassed.

“Why were you smiling?” She ignored me, she packed our things in a hurry, and it scared me, but something about the way she did it made me calm.

“Pull yourself together” I shook her forcefully. “Did Samson come when I was asleep?” Not waiting for an answer I said, “Did he touch you?” I turned her left and right, searching her body for marks.

“No. You know it is over between us, centuries ago” we laughed at her joke, for what seemed like eternity. “Guess” she jerked me gently, in retaliation to when I shook her, silly girl.


“Our fathers are back” I had totally forgotten, they were coming back today. Nku sure knows how to break a news, always playing with my curious mind. Without a word, I ran towards the village.

“What about our things!” Nku called after me.

“We will come back for them”

I had not gotten far,  when she caught up with me, giggling like crazy, we both know, she is stronger and the faster than I am. A feeling of Déjà vu, hit me as she pulled me along, I became uneasy, ‘what if….’, I stopped the thoughts from coming to life, dreams are stupid, I said to myself, as I stumbled after Nku.
Thanks to everyone, who encouraged me to keep writing. More fun stories are soon to come, follow me on Instagram @9josky.


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